Pharmaceutical Fridge: Key Specifications to Consider & How to Choose?

Temperature-sensitive medicines are frequently disposed of in hospitals and research facilities because of incorrect storage despite Good Distribution Practice guidelines. This incorrect storage and handling of refrigerated medications caused unnecessary destruction and consequent financial and product loss. According to the director of Immunization Services at the CDC (Atlanta), it is estimated that $20 million is wasted annually from poor refrigeration and up to 35% of vaccines are affected by improper storage.

A pharmaceutical refrigerator has become an essential appliance to solve all these issues. However, choosing a good pharma refrigerator can be challenging as there are so many different manufacturers and new improvements being made all the time, causing you to be overwhelmed with which features you need to prioritize the most. The buying decision could be more critical if this purchase is the most significant investment for your lab to keep all your medicine in check. Here are the most top important factors in choosing the right pharmaceutical fridge for your facility.

1. Energy efficiency

The first thing to consider is energy consumption. Pharmaceutical refrigerator is one of the highly energy-intensive equipment. Choosing energy-efficient pharma fridge will not only help reduce your carbon footprint but also provide you with significant financial savings. The price tag doesn’t tell the whole story when weighing up the cost of your pharmaceutical fridge. You will also need to pay for the energy to run it. Thus, rather than focusing on the up-front expense, it always pays to consider the whole ownership cost. Read more on Energy Efficient Pharmaceutical Fridge: Cut down your electricity bills

2. Capacity vs total storage footprint

Another factor is the capacity & total storage footprint, which could be tricky, as the fridge’s capacity does not indicate an actual total storage capacity available to store your items. It can be frustrating to find out that your items may not fit optimally within the fridge’s storage capacity. Always check for the fridge’s interior chamber design and construction which provides a larger storage footprint for maximum items storage.

3. Temperature uniformity, stability & recovery

An excellent pharmaceutical fridge is meant to protect your medicine and drug at all costs, and this will be a matter of priority to safeguard your refrigerated items. This being said, the internal temperature of the fridge should be consistent and stable across all storage locations from top to bottom, front to back, and side to side. Many pharmaceutical refrigerators are manufactured with innovative features and latest technology focusing on the temperature fluctuations, uniformity, and ambient change to ensure its ability to maintain a specific temperature with great consistency.

4. Quality

Another consideration that you shouldn’t miss is the quality. Pharmaceutical refrigerators are enough of an investment that you want yours to last. Going with a reliable brand can mean getting a fridge that lasts you longer without any interruptions in its use due to repairs or product failures. However, no electronic lasts forever, so with any model you buy, you’ll likely need to consider a long-term availability of its spare parts, at least for the next 10 years. Always look for a vendor with an extensive industry experience that can give you the best after-sales services and support. It is also worth considering paying for a pharma fridge with a longer warranty coverage period especially on the compressor.

5. Warranties, services & supports

Always get informed about the warranties, post-sale services, training & supports. Don’t get too distracted by the features, but do your research about the equipment’s’ available warranties first. How long does the warranty last? Who do you go to about repair under that warranty? In what instances will the warranty become ineligible? Warranties, maintenance & services can be a big money-saver down the road, so take them into consideration during your purchasing.

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