Temperature Data Logger with Call Alert: How it helps to protect your stored medicines & drugs?

Temperature is one of the most common measurements across all industries. From pharmaceutical to environmental monitoring, the temperature is monitored in pretty much every industry. Healthcare facilities and pharmacies in Malaysia are supposed to maintain the cold chain to ensure that the temperature sensitive medicines are properly stored with storage temperature of 2°C to 8°C as per WHO requirement and monitored by a cold chain temperature data logger. These precaution measures are very important so as to safeguard the quality of temperature sensitive medicines for the benefit of the public health.

In recent years, the development of temperature alarm system or temperature data logger have gradually deepened, and the performance of simple, reliable devices for monitoring fridge and freezer temperature has also improved. To achieve real-time and accurate detection of various parts temperature of the internal storage equipment, manufacturers have developed many different types of high-sensitivity flexible temperature sensors with multiple type of alerts, suitable for many practical applications.

An alert notification is an administratively configured action that is triggered by driving events. Alerts are one of the most important parts of a temperature data logger. From beeps and pop-ups to text messages, alarms ensure that any danger or warning is conveyed to those in charge of the temperature data logger. Most of the IoT based temperature data logger offers instant real-time notifications such as email, SMS, call or push notification via mobile app, and the most commonly used now are SMS and call alert mode. But which one is the best choice?

Although the answer to the question, “What’s the difference between SMS and call?” may seem obvious, each platform will affect your routine monitoring in several ways. Think back to the last time you received SMS notification from your phone announcing a special offers or news update. Be honest: did you feel the urge to check immediately?

Several studies have shown that emergency notifications that require an immediate response have a higher chance of being responded to when delivered via a phone call. It is proven with higher responsive rate as 99.9%. People ignoring texts for several reasons: they’re too busy, or simply don’t hear the short SMS alert. Compare to call alert, the time it takes for your phone to ring is active for around 27 seconds before the machine takes over. People can either answer or ignore the call, which is an instant response. However, if a message comes through, it remains unanswered until you reply in some manner.

Imagine the situation: your refrigerator stopped working and you didn't realize there is SMS alert received to notify you on the situation. You had absolutely no idea that the temperature was rising until it was too little too late. Both your supervisors and bosses won't be happy with emergency shutdowns and assets damage, right? I can't say enough how vital it is to response to a notification alerting temperature breach or power failure at your remote sites if you want to avoid having your stored medications damaged by excessive heat - or frozen by excessive cold.

In most real-time temperature data logger, SMS notification is sent to all the registered alert numbers at the same time. Imagine there are four person in-charged received SMS alert at the same time, and everyone presumes that somebody else will be taking an action when in reality no one is addressing and solving the problem. Whereas call alerts are made in a row, and the in-charged individuals are identified based on the set sequence from first to the last user. In this situation, not everyone should be called or notified, thus preventing a duplicate response.

Real-time temperature data logger should cut your costs and protect your valuable stored products by alerting you at the first sign of trouble at your site. Remember, alert notifications should never harm the user experience. Instead, they must help lower risk and loss by keeping you informed 24/7 in case of unexpected events or conditions. Hence, with a highly responsive notifications such as call alert, you can immediately detect storage abnormalities so the situation can be resolved to keep the goods from getting damaged. 


At FC-BIOS, we deliver a complete solution for monitoring and traceability of temperature, humidity, and other critical physical parameters. Our temperature data logger are designed with the latest IoT technology to help you ensure the integrity and compliance of your sensitive products in production, storage, and shipping phases. We have a specialized team to provide full support, maintenance, and repair services to customers throughout Malaysia. Contact us for consultation as our trained team of professionals is ready to help you through the process from start to finish.