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Temperature Monitoring for COVID-19 Vaccine Storage for Pusat Pemberian Vaksin (PPV)

The news regarding COVID-19 vaccine development has given the world a glimmer of hope in the fight against the pandemic. With the announcement that the private clinics will be included in the national Covid-19 vaccination program, it will be Malaysia’s biggest inoculation campaign in history.

COVID-19 Vaccine: Managing Supply Chain & Storage Risk

Recent promising news regarding COVID-19 vaccine development has given the world a glimmer of hope in the fight against the pandemic. With officials announcing that they expect to begin distributing a vaccine in early 2021, the logistics of delivery & storage will be as critical as the pharmacology itself.

Advancements in Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Temperature is certainly among the most commonly measured parameters in industry, science, and academia. Recently, the growth of wireless instrumentation technology, along with some clever innovations, has provided new ways to apply temperature measurement sensors combined with personal computers to collect, tabulate, and analyze the data obtained.

Temperature Monitoring for Glove Manufacturing

Given natural rubber’s physical limitations, the process of vulcanization is used to enhance its resistance, elasticity, and durability. However, failing to carefully regulate the temperature of the drying process will result in the soft coagulated rubber becoming blistered or porous. 


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Sanitation & Environmental Monitoring

This webinar is organized by FC-BIOS in collaboration with SGS Malaysia, the world's leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company. The aim of this webinar is to provide an introduction and guidelines to FSSC 22000 as the next step for all companies that are already ISO 22000 certified, who intend to update their certification and thus obtain international recognition for food safety.

Allergen Management & Risk Assessment in Food & Beverage Industry

Allergenic foods are a serious safety risk. While harmless to most of the consumer population, they are harmful and even life-threatening to some, causing serious medical reactions, such as anaphylactic shock, when foods with the allergenic protein are consumed. Scientific research and legislation have helped us understand a great deal about managing these food allergens in manufacturing. Yet so much more needs to be done in making these risks safer for the growing allergic population. In 2013, the CDC reported that food allergies among children increased by half from 1997 to 2011. As these numbers continue to rise for children and adults alike, what are the best practices for food manufacturers to include in managing food allergens? In this webinar, we have invited speakers with years of experience in food safety and allergen to provide you in-depth knowledge about allergen management in the food industry.

Halal Industry Awareness

The concept of halal products or foods is gaining traction around the world as an alternative standard for ensuring the safety, hygiene, and quality of what we consume and drink on regular basis. Due to this, the halal concept has created awareness to both consumers and suppliers to use or supply the good according to the Halalan Thoyyibban principle. The implementation of a scientific approach and validation in product manufacturing toward halal standards helps to ensure the integrity of halal products and services through strict compliance with Syariah requirements.

Mycotoxins in Food & Feed Industries

The risk of contamination by mycotoxins is an important food safety concern. Mycotoxins are toxic by-products of mold infestations that can find their way into the human food chain in a variety of ways and are present in many different foods and animal feed products. These mycotoxins contamination can give a huge impact on animal productivity, and human health including fatal acute illness, and are associated with increased cancer risk. As the disease outbreaks due to the consumption of mycotoxin contaminated foods and feedstuffs are a recurring problem worldwide, what are the best approaches to control mycotoxins contamination in food and feed?


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Next Generation Biobanking & Cryopreservation

Today's cryopreservation processes and cryopreserved products are found at the forefront of research in the areas of discovery science, stem cell research, diagnostic development, and personalized medicine. As the utilization of cryopreserved cells continues to increase, the demands placed on the biobanking industry are increasing and evolving at an accelerated rate. Researchers are now requiring samples where not only is there high cell recovery but that the product recovered is physiologically and biochemically identical to its pre-freeze state at the genomic, proteomic, structural, functional, and reproductive levels. Given this, biobanks are now facing the challenge of adapting strategies and protocols to address these needs moving forward.


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Maintenance of Autoclave & Biological Indicators

This online training was developed by our technical support team with the aim to provide users and maintenance staff with sufficient skills and knowledge to safely operate and maintain the equipment. Includes autoclave best practice, preventive maintenance, autoclave indicator (biological & chemical), and more!