Multiple Shared Use Autoclave

The SX-500 and SX-700 multiple shared use autoclaves are the perfect solution for laboratories looking for a compact yet spacious sterilization option that allows for maximum efficiency while taking up minimal space, making them ideal for laboratories with limited space. Despite their small footprint, they have a large chamber capacity that allows users to process more loads in a single cycle, saving time and improving efficiency. In addition to their compact design and shared-use feature, these autoclaves are also equipped with a range of advanced features that ensure a high level of performance and reliability. They feature advanced microprocessor-based control systems that provide accurate and reliable temperature and pressure control, ensuring that sterilization is carried out effectively.

Large chamber capacity
up to


height design


Wide chamber
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your lab's performance with TOMY autoclave.
We understand the importance of maintaining a sterile environment in your lab, which is why we have designed this autoclave to meet your most demanding sterilization needs. Whether you are running a research lab or a clinical lab, our autoclave will help you streamline your processes and save valuable time and resources.

Achieve effective & reliable sterilization.

The TOMY SX-Series autoclave features an External Temperature Sensor as an optional accessory for precise and efficient sterilization and an optional printer for printing important operating parameters for peace of mind and compliance with GMP/GLP requirements. The sensor eliminates manual calculations and minimizes heat transfer time lag, making it a crucial component for effective sterilization.

Timer function.

By presetting the start time of an operation, you can ensure that it begins precisely when needed, without any delay. This can help to optimize the use of resources, particularly in situations where time is critical. By making use of idle periods during the night or early morning, you can maximize productivity without having to add additional resources or work longer hours.

The largest capacity in its class.

The sterilization process can be made more efficient by increasing the amount of items sterilized in each cycle. This can be achieved by utilizing up to three stackable stainless-steel baskets with TOMY SX-Series Autoclave to maximize the capacity of each load. 

When you stack autoclave baskets, you increase the amount of media or articles it can hold. This effectively increases the autoclave's capacity compared to other autoclave brands that have the same volume. By doubling or tripling the number of baskets, you can hold more media in the same space, allowing you to sterilize a larger quantity of materials in a single run.

More Sterilizing Course Selections.


Liquid Sterilizing Course

The most suitable course for preventing the sudden boiling of liquid samples or reagents.

Sterilizing Course

Normal sterilization course for solid article or waste.

Sterilizing-warming Course

Prevents the culture media from coagulating or solidifying following the process of sterilization.

Heating-warming Course

Highly practical for both dissolving culture media and heating up.

Memory Recall

Set your preferred or commonly-used operating course here!

Attentive liquid sterilization mode.

When sterilizing liquid samples using an autoclave, caution must be taken to avoid sudden boiling caused by opening the lid when the liquid is at a high temperature. It is recommended to allow for natural pressure and temperature reduction without forced exhaust post-sterilization.

The SX-Series Autoclaves offer a specialized Liquid Sterilizing course that enables automatic sterilization with a single operation. This feature minimizes the risk of spillage of media or solvents within the chamber and promotes seamless sharing of the equipment within facilities.

Customized autoclave package 
to meet your lab's needs.

TOMY SX-Series autoclave is an ideal solution for start-up companies that have basic sterilization needs. This is a cost-effective choice to efficiently sterilize a variety of instruments and materials, making it a must-have for any organization looking to maintain high standards of sterilization protocol and safety.
Autoclave SX-500 / SX-700
  • 2(two) stainless steel standard baskets included.
  • Comes with standard 1(one) year warranty & 3(three) years warranty on heater element.
Autoclave Cleaning Kit
  • FREE with any purchase of TOMY Autoclave model.
ProChem SSW - Steam Type 5 Integrating Indicator
TOMY SX-Series autoclave is equipped with additional accessories that enhance its capabilities, enabling it to sterilize a larger size of items such as Duran bottles, instruments, bioreactors, and including waste. By incorporating these accessories, the output of the autoclave is significantly increased, making it more efficient and effective in its sterilization process.

Beginner Package, plus:
Autoclave Long Basket
Autoclave Basket Support Stand
Autoclave Bucket
TOMY SX-Series autoclave with Advanced Package provides an unparalleled level of sterilization, making sure that your laboratory remains compliant with GLP/GMP regulations, while at the same time ensuring that the quality of your work is maintained to the highest standard. This package is the perfect choice for laboratories that require the highest level of sterilization, and for those who take quality control and compliance with regulations seriously.

Professional Package, plus:
Autoclave External Temperature Sensor
Autoclave Data Printer
Biological Indicators for Steam EZTest®

Empower your productivity. Start using TOMY SX-Series autoclave today.