How to Achieve a Secure Sterilization with TOMY Autoclave?

Are you sure that your autoclave function efficiently to kills all the microorganisms? Chances are your laboratory equipment and waste material are not properly sterilized. The efficiency of the autoclave is highly dependent on time, temperature, and pressure and is typically set up at 121ᵒC, 15 psi for 20 minutes to achieve an efficient sterilization cycle. However, the articles' thermal capacity can prevent the effectiveness of the sterilization by breaking the temperature and pressure balance during the sterilization process. Thermal capacity can be defined as the amount of heat supplied to a given mass of articles to produce a unit change in its temperature. It indicates that the larger the volume of articles to be sterilized, the longer it will take for heat energy to pass through, hence it will increase the time delay for the articles to achieve the temperature of 121ᵒC. This condition is referred to as “Heat Transfer Time Lag”.


Heat transfer time lag is a time difference between the autoclave chamber temperature and the temperature of the articles to be sterilized. During a sterilization process, the sterilization temperature of the articles arrives later than the displayed or chamber temperature, causing the articles not to be appropriately and sufficiently sterilized at the temperature of 121ᵒC. Heat transfer time lag often happens when sterilizing liquids or large quantities and changes depending on the thermal capacity of articles. For instance, the heat transfer time lag is 12 minutes for two units of 500ml bottle and 17 minutes for two units of a 1L bottle. 


To rectify this problem, you need to set the autoclave timing according to the volumes of the articles as advised by the autoclave supplier. We recommend using an external sensor. An external sensor can prevent heat transfer time lag by reading the temperature of the articles using a probe and allowing the autoclave to run a sterilization cycle based on the temperature of the articles.

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