TempGuard: Who is Monitoring your Temperature Monitoring System?

Your TempGuard Temperature Monitoring System is entrusted with protecting your critical drug and vaccine storage by providing three key functions: 

1) Real-Time Alerts for power loss

2) Real-Time Alerts for temperature violations

3) Uploads live data to the cloud server for online access via mobile/desktop 

"It is not uncommon to see Real Time systems that routinely do PPM and still running well despite being installed since 2007, the same year of the inception of our Cold Chain division.


FC-BIOS is the sole distributor & service provider for TempGuard 

We do not authorize any third-party service vendors to perform service and support for TempGuard monitoring system.

Take comfort in the fact that FC-BIOS service engineer & support team are trained & certified to perform Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) service, parts replacement, repair, and troubleshooting of TempGuard monitoring system. By having your yearly service done by FC-BIOS, our service engineers will be able to recommend required parts replacement ahead of time to minimize system failure & downtime period.


Essential routine checks by our certified engineers

Providing the correct maintenance for your system ensures that the system is functioning in its full capacity to provide the security that you need to monitor your critical storage, as well as extending the longevity of the system. 

TempGuard essential routine check

At FC-BIOS, we deliver a complete solution for monitoring and traceability of temperature, humidity, and other critical physical parameters. Our temperature monitoring systems are designed with the latest IoT technology to help you ensure the integrity and compliance of your sensitive products in production, storage, and shipping phases. We have a specialized team to provide full support, maintenance, and repair services to customers throughout Malaysia. Contact us for consultation as our trained team of professionals is ready to help you through the process from start to finish.

Checkout on our temperature monitoring  product range and learn more about the unique features and how it can help you monitor with confidence.