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Expert in temperature & humidity monitoring

 Our solutions help you ensure the integrity and compliance of your sensitive products in production, storage, and shipping phases. Standing strong behind our commitment to reliability, quality, and peace-of-mind, FC-BIOS cold chain solutions help you concentrate on the other important aspects of your work.

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Protecting the vaccine supply and storage at your PPV

FC-BIOS offers the appropriate measuring technology to ensure that vaccines such as COVID-19 vaccine are not impaired by temperature fluctuations

Rent a real-time temperature monitoring system

Why buy when you can rent? At FC-BIOS, we offer an affordable rental package for IoT real-time temperature monitoring system adequate with SMS alert and mobile app

How We're Helping Our Customers  

Having a team of experts who understand the what, why, and how of environmental monitoring in your industry is vital to defining and achieving your compliance goals. With the support of FC-BIOS, organizations see measurable cost savings, improved quality standards, higher rates of safety, and a reduction in everyday frustrations. Below are just a few of the ways we're helping customers meet their goals.

Simplifying New Regulatory Requirements

Increasing Internal Quality Standards

Ensuring Customer, Patient, and Product Safety

Eliminating Asset Loss Due to Improper Conditions

Reducing Admin Burden on Clinical Staff

Achieving Accreditations to Enter New Markets

Low Cost of Ownership

Excellent Customer Service and Support

Worry less. Monitor better.

Stay compliant. 
Stay ahead of variations.

Maintain compliance, adopt best practices, and use the latest technology to monitor your critical environments. 

Our solutions comply to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance and SIRIM MCMC certified to meet your regulatory requirements.

Remote monitoring
via mobile app & webpage

Continuous IoT remote monitoring of your most critical environments to ensure product safety and leave you with peace of mind.

Real-time alert platform with call, SMS/text messages, and e-mail when temperature excursion or equipment failure. 

Long-range connectivity to cover your entire facility

IoT long-range LoRaWAN wireless connectivity designed to meet the needs of expending commercial or industrial facility.  

Our solutions enables superior signal strength that penetrates concrete walls and metal structures eliminating the need for repeaters and amplifiers and ensuring data integrity and security.

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