Peace of Mind with Rental Real-time Temperature Monitoring System

"Why buy when you can rent a Real-time Temperature Monitoring System with the latest IoT technology."

The client operates a single 3-storeys facility located at Peninsular Malaysia region. Since starting operations in November 1998, it has grown with the addition of new tests & services besides actively involves in various programs and projects assigned by the Ministry of Health Malaysia. Through its vast panel of analyzes, the laboratory processes a large number of samples - for the majority of temperature-sensitive samples including buffers and reagents - for which the mastery and control of the temperature during storage are essential.
The budgeting process for government institutions can be challenging, particularly when upgrading an equipment or system. So, our client decided not to purchase but choosing a rental option. With a flexible and short 24 months rental period offered by FC-BIOS, the customer can always upgrade and enjoy the very best monitoring system whenever the lease period ended. Besides having the full maintenance and service being taken care of, the customer can enjoy a peace-of-mind system with up-to-date IoT technology features:


  • Wireless and long-range technology
  • Alert by SMS, email & siren
  • Single platform for multi-site location monitoring
  • Report & data access via desktop and mobile app

Client: Government Agency

Laboratory System: TempGuard Long-Range

Installation year: 2021

Installation Site & Equipment:

  • Site 1: Total of 49 points comprising refrigerator, freezer, incubator, cold room and storage room.
  • Site 2: Total of 35 points comprising refrigerator, freezer, incubator and water bath.
  • Each site is equipped with own system base station.


State-of-the-art Monitoring System

The TempGuard Long-Range wireless solution was selected for its latest advanced technology with ability to address the different needs on site. Equipped with temperature and several other parameters, the system monitors various equipment including storage and cold room with a total of 84 measurement points.


Data Traceability

Each laboratory or section can now check for temperature and easily ensure proper sample storage conditions. Samples are secured via an alert system that informs users when anomalies are detected. The installed TempGuard solution controls and archives all data, with a complete audit trail for faultless traceability.



Cost-effective Wireless Solution

A complete & advanced wireless system, deployed and adapted as a cost-effective rental package to meet needs. With a flexible and rental basis system, the customer can stay ahead of the curve by ensuring the latest and up-to-date IoT technology system installed at their site biannually.

Continuous Service & Support

The FC-BIOS sales and service team worked closely with MKAI from the start of the project, notably to fully understand the needs and to define the most suitable solution possible. FC-BIOS takes every necessary measure to provide endless support including service maintenance & on-site user training, enabling them to manage the system with peace of mind.


We have a specialized team to provide full support, maintenance, and repair services to customers throughout Malaysia. Contact us for consultation as our trained team of professionals is ready to help you through the process from start to finish.

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