Multi-site Wireless & Centralized Temperature Monitoring Solution

As a global semiconductor company, our client manufactures diodes, transistors and related semiconductor devices, with more than RM21 billion invested since 1972 and close to 11,000 employees. They chose Penang, Malaysia as its first key assembly and testing site. Their initial investment in Malaysia has grown significantly since then and as a result, Malaysia’s operations has further expanded to Kulim Kedah, becoming one of the most comprehensive site.

The company operates a 352,386 sq ft and 305,252 sq ft manufacturing facilities at Penang and Kulim, which comprises 6 refrigerators, 80 freezers and 9 cold storage containers.

"Ensuring temperatures for cold chain storage of raw materials including chemical and electronic chip at the correct level around the clock is vital for semiconductor product manufacturing with stricter standards, according to them. The earlier a problem with cold storage is identified, the quicker it can be rectified to prevent catastrophic equipment failures and product spoilage."

To replace its archaic analogue monitoring system, the company specified:

  • Digital with display
  • Cloud based
  • Single platform for multi-site location monitoring
  • Alert by call, SMS, and email
  • Wireless siren
  • Auto report generation
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Cobalt X system checked all these boxes.


97 Cobalt X deployed as a centralized monitoring system
The Cobalt X wireless solutions was selected for its ability to address the different needs on site. Equipped with temperature and several other parameters, the system monitors various equipment at the two manufacturing sites with a total of 97 measurement points to cover -45oC, -30oC and 2-8oC cold storage equipment & container.

Fast & easy-access data management
OCEAView software suite was implemented to manage data and system administration for the Cobalt X system. With this single cloud platform, system configuration in each site can be done remotely and real-time data & report can be accessed anytime via your PC, smartphone or tablet.


Continuous monitoring system with reactive alarms and alerts
24/7 real-time monitoring, user defined alert management system and reliable performance have provided customer with peace-of mind. Besides equipped with siren, users responsible at each facility can be informed immediately in case of alarms or deviations by voice call, text or email alerts.

Optimizing process and time-savings
Now, the customer is able to generate a standard reports across all sites resulting in more efficient monitoring process. Oceasoft Cobalt X system with automated data monitoring, real-time alerts, and automated reports has eliminated the time consuming process of accessing data, saving more valuable employee time.