About HiMedia

HiMedia is one of the top three brands in microbiology in the world, with a presence in more than 140 countries. HiMedia has been established by professional services and technologists for manufacturing a quality culture media for microbiology has over the years created a rich portfolio of exemplar quality products.

Their Mission

HiMedia is committed to serving BioSciences in the service of humankind. Their mission has enabled them to overbear challenges and attempts to bring quality at the most accessible prices.

Their Vision

HiMedia began its journey 42 years ago with the vision of “Excellence at your doorstep, and tirelessly.” Also, the vision has enabled HiMedia to bring the patrons greatness in quality and services, with coupled choiceness in innovation and topicality. From Microbiological to Animal Cell Culture, Plant Tissue Culture, Molecular Biology the journey has been continued. Thus the perfectness truly is like a common thread that weaves all the gems into a priceless necklace that would feel proud to wear.

Their Quality Policy

HiMedia endeavors to achieve through up-gradation of technical knowledge of all the employees, involvement and setting up quality objectives.

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