Less Than An Hour To Result – ANSR Listeria Right Now

ANSR® Listeria Right Now™ provides for the detection of very low numbers of Listeria spp., including Listeria monocytogenes, from environmental samples without enrichment.

Features and Benefits

  • Enrichment-free Listeria detection
  • Environmental monitoring in less than 60 minutes
  • No enrichment means you can conduct Listeria environmental testing in your facility without concern for "growing pathogens"

Less than an hour? How is this possible?

The ANSR® Listeria Right Now system is able to detect very low numbers of Listeria spp., including L. monocytogenes, from environmental samples without enrichment. The system employs an isothermal, amplified nucleic acid-based reaction to target rRNA. Amplification occurs through a polymerization mechanism by a specific endonuclease. Detection occurs in real-time using a fluorescent, molecular beacon.

Ribosomal RNA is present in much greater numbers in Listeria cells than the traditional DNA target (~1000 – 10,000 copies per cell vs. 1 copy per cell for DNA). This can result in a 1,000 – 10,000 fold increase in target analyte concentration.

The isothermal reaction within the instrument produces a constant cycle of molecular replication producing analyte copies much more quickly than traditional PCR reactions which run through a series of heating and cooling cycles.

Summary: significantly more targets with a significantly faster cycle time = significantly faster results.

Less than a 60 Minute Total Time-To-Result Means Everything Has Changed

Now you can:

  • Use Listeria monitoring as a process control
  • Perform corrective actions more quickly — fix the issue before it becomes a serious problem — clean and re-test
  • Conduct investigations in near real-time after positives
  • Perform vectoring more easily
  • Be more flexible and proactive with your environmental testing program No enrichment with an easy-to-use system means you can conduct Listeria environmental testing in your facility without concern for “growing pathogens.” “Culture-independent” method also means no exposure to tracebacks tied to retained cultures