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Autoclave SX Series

Top-open lid 

A top-open lid, which can be operated easily with a single hand or foot, is provided with the SX autoclaves. To open the lid, the lid lock is released by stepping on the foot pedal locates at the bottom while pressing the lid down. The lid can be opened with minimal effort owing to mechanical assistance. In addition, the lid can be closed easily just by pressing it down.


Space Saving Design 

  • The most compact autoclave & small installation in the market with foot print
  • Lower loading high suitable for petite woman


A : 790mm(SX-300),970mm(SX-500),1003mm(SX-700)
B : 614mm(SX-300),794mm(SX-500),827mm(SX-700)
C : 410mm(SX-300/500),470mm(SX-700)

Work Monitor

The LED display shows working status for easy monitoring. The process being performed is indicated by an LED indication lamp blinking in red.


Sterilizing course selection

The optimal sterilizing course can be selected from among five courses, such as the liquid sterilizing course in addition to that for normal sterilization


Cooling Fan

A rapid air-cooling function (vessel-cooling fan) permitting reduction of chamber cool down time is provided as a standard feature. This is most appropriate for lowering the temperature rapidly on completion of the cycle. The time required for lower the temperature is much reduced by employment of the cooling fan in comparison with natural cooling.

Graph Comparing Cycle Time TOMY Autoclave with use Cooling Fan against Leading Competitors Brand


Timer Function

Do you store your pre-sterilized agar in the fridge?

Place it in the autoclave before you leave work and set the timer to warm it up a few hours before you come into work the next day! Save time re-heating agar

Do you have waste to dispose of?

Place it in the autoclave before you leave work and set the timer to sterilize it!

Do you want a faster sterilization cycle?

Set the timer to start preheating the autoclave a few hours before you come into work. The first cycle you run will have minimal heat up time as it’s all ready to go!

Lid interlock

A safety device (lid interlock mechanism) for locking the lid during operation is provided. A high level of safety is assured to prevent unanticipated accidents.

Auto-variable exhaust speed

A function allowing the exhaust valve to open automatically after completion of sterilization is provided. The exhaust speed can be set to one of six levels (set to variable for liquid sterilization)

Additional Option

External sensor for the articles to be sterilized

Sensor for directly detecting the temperature of articles to be sterilized. More reliable sterilization monitor can be carried out

External sensor and recorder

A temperature sensor and recorder independent of the autoclaves. The chamber temperature can be recorded.

Data output

The temperature data, pressure data, etc. can be exported. The temperature can be recorded when the external recorder is connected.

Cat No. Capacity (Liter) Description
T01-SX-300 44 L SX-300 Speedy Autoclave SX Series
T01-SX-500 58 L SX-500 Speedy Autoclave SX Series
T01-SX-700 79 L SX-700 Speedy Autoclave SX Series

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All of the standout features of SX-Series Autoclaves in one video!

Autoclave FLS-1000

Large Capacity

Large Capacity

The chamber is 450 mm wide with a capacity of 100L.

Outstanding Loading Capacity


The number of different sized bottles in one basket.


The number of different sized flask in one basket.

Animal Cage

The maximum dimensions of animal cages in one basket.

Perfect Height Design

Perfect Height Design

This design allows for easy loading and unloading of the articles. This design also allows for easy cleaning of the chamber.

Height Comparison

Even though the FLS-1000 has a greater capacity compared to the SX-500 & SX-700, its loading height is lower than the two autoclaves with smaller capacity.

Secure Sterilization

Fine Pressure Adjustment

It is easy to break the balance of temperature and pressure during sterilization due to various factors such as air contained in the articles to be sterilized and sterilizing water.
The fine pressure adjustment function will work automatically to find the best balance of temperature and pressure (a kPa) for more effective sterilization.

Fine Pressure Adjustment

The fine pressure adjustment function automatically sets the pressure upper limit (b kPa) and lower limit (c kPa). FLS-1000 controls the pressure balance within a certain range (between b kPa and c kPa) and brings it close to the ideal saturated steam.

Power Failure Alert & Restart

FLS-1000 shows the POWER FAILURE alert and stores the operation process for restart when a power failure occurs or the power switch is off during operation.

Power Failure
When the power failure occurs before the sterilization process has completed, the operation can be restarted after power is restored.
When the power failure occurs after the sterilization process has completed, the temperature and pressure go down after power is restored.

Applicable in High Altitude Environments

The FLS-1000 operates by generating steam under pressure and temperature. Therefore, its sterilization process can be greatly affected by the atmospheric pressure at the location where the FLS-1000 is installed. The FLS-1000 allows users to set altitude level, and can operate secured sterilization even though the autoclave is situated at a place with high altitude.

Quality of Life Functions

Intuitive Display

Intuitive Display

The LED display shows the working status visually. There is a swivelable control panel to allow modularity in install location. The sterilization can be selected from 3 courses which are Sterilization, Liquid Sterilization and Memory.

Fast Cool Down

Cooling Fan

The standard-equipped cooling fan allows for the cooling time to be shortened. In house testing shows that the cooling fan saves up to 60 minutes compared to operation without a cooling fan.

Variable Exhaust Speed

The FLS-1000 allows the exhaust valve to open automatically to shorten cooling time after completion of sterilization. The exhaust speed can be set to one of six levels.

Timer Function

The preset timer allows users to delay the starting time from 1 to 99 hours.

Sterilizing Water Change Alert Function

The water change indicator turns on when the sterilizing water should be replaced. This is a function mainly to protect the chamber from corrosion due to contaminated water.

Annual Inspection Reminder Function

This function will notify the user when the date of the annual inspection is approaching.

Selective Lid Opening (Left or Right)

Selective Lid Opening

Users can choose opening direction.

Safety Lid Opening Design (Avoiding Steam)

Safety Lid Opening

The FLS-1000 is designed to allow users to avoid steam from the chamber when the lid is opened.

Mechanically-assisted Lid & Foot Pedal

Lid & Pedal

By stepping on the foot pedal, you can open the lid and close it by just pressing down.

Easy Water Level Check with Water Level Indicator

Water Level Check

Water level indicator of the chamber bottom plate allow users to check the appropriate water level in the chamber visually and prevent the articles from soaking in sterilizing water.

Steam Trap Water Alert

Steam Trap Water Level

The exhaust tank indicator turns red when water should be drained.

Wide Drain Piping

The wide drain piping reduces clogging while allow water to drain smoothly from the chamber.

Safety Features

Lid Interlock

A safety feature locks the lid during operation.
A high level of safety is assured to prevent unexpected incident.

No Water Heating Prevention

A safety feature for preventing no water heating is equipped.

Other Safety Features

  • Safety valve
  • Leakage breaker
  • Over-temperature prevention
  • Over-pressure prevention
  • Temperature sensor malfunction detection
  • Pressure sensor malfunction detection
  • Exhaust valve malfunction detection
  • Low sterilizing water level detection
  • Chamber lid open / close detection
  • Drain acess cover open detection

Cat No. Capacity (Liter) Voltage Description
FLS-1000 100 L 240V FLS-1000 Autoclave