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TempGuard Wired


  • SIRIM tested with MCMC approval certificate number
  • Real-time monitoring with alerts via email, SMS, PC-pop up notification & siren alarm
  • One controller can connect up to 8 sensors
  • Sensor cable run up to 300 meters (single or multi-level installation)
  • Cloud-based server for immediate access by PC, mobile phone or tablet
  • Free monitoring app for windows/android/iOS
  • Data report can be accessed through user portal –

TempGuard Wireless


  • SIRIM tested with MCMC approval certificate number
  • Wireless system & sensors
  • Long transmission distance – up to 1000 meters line of sight
  • One receiver transmitter can connect up to 64 wireless sensors
  • Cloud-based server for immediate access by PC, mobile phone or tablet
  • Real-time monitoring with alerts via email & PC-pop up notification
  • Free monitoring app for windows/android/iOS


Thermoguard develops turnkey products for fail-safe computer aided temperature and humidity monitoring, independent of human interaction and with real-time alarms. Thermoguard is used to monitor refrigeration and heating equipment in laboratories, production facilities and commercial premises in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries as well as critical rooms with IT equipment. Thermoguard is an industry standard for online temperature and humidity control via computer networks.


  • Visually and acoustically, directly on the computer
  • E-mails sent to the responsible member of staff and other employees on the spot
  • Voice reproduction of instructions telling staff what action to take
  • Via SMS using mobil phones for a 24/7 standby service
  • Connection to existing alarm systems via the “Custom Alarm Module” (CAM)
  • Using 110/230V alarming devices of your choice with an optional switch interface

Benefits of Thermoguard as compared with other measuring systems:

  • continuous monitoring with no dependency on humans
  • compliant with GMP; with sample SOPs and xQ qualifications
  • no need to change any leaking or empty batteries, unlike data loggers
  • no need for special house cabling (such as Easybus or house bus)
  • alarm is reported directly “online” and not if it’s already too late
  • alarms are reported acoustically, via e-mail or via SMS using mobil phones
  • an alarm is reported in case of an electrical or mechanical sensor failure
  • software and sensor controller are “Made in Germany”

Cobalt 2

Cobalt 2 is a wireless sensor-based data logger for temperature and other parameters, to monitor your refrigerators, cold rooms, freezers and deep freezers (-80°C), incubators, Nitrogen tanks, blood banks, clean rooms, and much more.


  • Reduce the risk of degradation, therapeutic ineffectiveness, food waste, and financial loss.
  • Help accelerate market release of products resulting from research.
  • Ensure quality control for products and manage public health and sanitary risks.
  • Optimize processes in manufacturing, packaging, storage, and delivery to patients and consumers.

How does Cobalt 2 work?

  • Cobalt 2 modules are available with a variety of different sensors to cover all your monitoring needs.
  • Cobalt 2 wireless temperature data loggers are easy to install and set up using the ThermoServer / ThermoClient software suite.
  • Modules collect data at programmable intervals, storing it first internally and then uploading readings and other information wirelessly to your ThermoServer computer .
  • Authorized users can access sensor readings at any time using the ThermoClient application for Windows.
  • Data can also be made available on smartphones and tablets by synchronizing with the OCEACloud platform (optional).
  • In case of excursions or technical issues, alerts are sent 24/7 via OCEASOFT’s robust alert platform  by e-mail, SMS/text message, or voice message.

Cobalt L3

With the innovative LoRaWan protocol, Cobalt L3 data loggers offer long-range wireless connectivity for temperature and humidity monitoring. Cobalt L3 protects sensitive products on sites with distances up to 16 km (line of sight). This solution is adapted to both large and small networks, indoors or out.


  • Ensure quality control for products and manage public health and sanitary risks.
  • Reduce the risk of degradation, food waste, and financial loss.
  • Monitor large sites with fast and easy deployment.

How does Cobalt L3 work?

  • Cobalt L3 LoRaWAN temperature sensors are fast and easy to install on-site, generally only requiring a single receiver to transmit data. Cobalt L3 may be equipped with several different types of OCEASOFT’s Smart-Sensors, which enables recalibration via our sensor exchange service and simplifies maintenance.
  • Data is stored in module memory and on OCEACloud, which interacts with the responsive CobaltView web application , for remote viewing and management using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Modules send an alarm to the server if any excursion or other anomaly occurs, with alerts sent to users via e-mail, or by SMS/text message or voice message 24/7 by the optional OCEAlert platform.


RCW-400A is a four-channel temperature and humidity data logger with high precision and wide temperature range. The segment LCD screen displays the system clock, current running status, memory capacity, and recorded data. It has an internal buzzer that is connected to an external audible and visual alarm. It can transmit data wirelessly by 3G to our cold chain cloud platform, and users are able to check real-time temperature/humidity data through the web and receive SMS (short message service) alarms by GSM. Users can view, manage, and monitor data online remotely by the browser or mobile app.

The standard accessories include one temperature sensor and one humidity sensor, which can be doubled into two temperature sensors and two humidity sensors. The data logger has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery which enables continuous real-time data uploading and SMS alarms even in case of a power outage.


  • Comes with 1 external temperature sensor and 1 external humidity sensor, supports up to 4 temperature or humidity sensors to meet different monitoring needs.
  • Real-time data uploaded to Cloud platform, upload interval settable, save manual logging.
  • Alarm temp limits settable, alarm modes in case of out-of-limits and power outage: SMS, app, buzzer.
  • To prevent an accident, records 20,000 offline temperature points and 20,000 offline humidity points, which will upload after WiFi restores.
  • Standard plan (free) provides email alert, remote setting, and 30 days data review and storage; Advanced and professional plan available, which provide 3~5 years data storage, data export, user management, and FDA service.

freesnippingtool.com_capture_20200814125616Elitech RCW-400A Wireless Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Remote Monitor Cloud Data Storage with 4 Sensors