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Apex2 Sampling Pump

Apex2 Sampling Pump

The Apex2 range are the new generation of personal sampling pumps offering class beating performance combined with a slim ergonomic design. With the addition of Bluetooth® Connectivity you can monitor your sampling from your mobile device without having to disturb the wearer. Email run data alongside any photos or notes to make your reporting easier.


  • Bluetooth® Wireless Connectivity
  • Airwave App for Mobile Devices
  • Slim Ergonomic Design
  • Greater Battery Life
  • Motion Sensor
  • Outstanding Performance
  • Color Display

Cat No. Description
APEX2PLUS Apex2 Plus Pump with Bluetooth connectivity and Airware App, (includes rubber boot)
APEX2PRO Apex2 Pro Pump, with Bluetooth connectivity and Airware App, (includes rubber boot)
209058C/KIT 5-Way Docking Station for Apex2 Pump incl power supply and USB cable

Tuff Sampling Pump

TUFF Sampling Pump

The TUFF personal sampling pumps cover a range of applications for the monitoring of dusts, fumes gases and vapours. Ergonomically designed to suit harsh environments the TUFF personal sampling pump offers reliability and longevity in the field.

Casella offers a range of personal sampling pumps, accessories and consumables to suit individual applications. If you need guidance on a particular hazardous material will aim to find a relevant method and Casella equipment you need.

Key Features

  • Robust and reliable design for harsh environments
  • Visible replaceable inlet filter
  • Diagnostic monitoring of pump and battery service life
  • Intuitive user interface and menu
  • High intensity status/alarm LED’s
  • Low flow capability using adaptors
  • Advanced programming capabilities (Pro variants)

Industry Applications

  • Measuring dust, fume and vapour exposure
  • Ideal for use in mining, quarrying and tunnelling
  • Sampling dusts in pharmaceutical and petro-chemical processes

Cat No. Description
P313220 Tuff 3 Plus I.S. with High Capacity Battery
P314220 Tuff 4 Plus I.S. with High Capacity Battery
P313321 Tuff 3 Pro I.S. with High Capacity Battery
P314321 Tuff 4 Pro I.S. with High Capacity Battery
197085B Tuff 3 Way charging cradle Plus PSU


Tuff Dust Sampling Kit (25mm GFA and MCE)Comprises: Tuff 4 IS, Tuff Charger, Inhalable Head, Inhalable Cassette, Plastic Cyclone, 5x Cyclone Casettes, Flowmeter 0.3-3L/min and Flowmeter Stand, Tuff Kit Case, Filter Tweezers, 10pack of GFA 25mm Pre-weighed Filters & 100pack of 25mm dia. membrane 0.8um (MCE) filters.


TUFF Solvent and Vapour Monitoring Kit. Comprises: TUFF pump and charger, Flowmeter 50-500ml/min, Flowmeter adaptor, Low Flow Adaptor, Tube Holder, Charcoal and Silica Gel Sorbent Tubes.


TUFF Asbestos Sampling Kit. Comprises: TUFF Pump and Charger, Flowmeter 0.5 to 5.0 L/min, Asbestos Sampling Head, Gridded MCE filters 25mm 0.8um.


Gas and Vapour Accessory Kit. Comprises: Low flow Adaptor, Tube Holder, Tube Cutter, Flowmeter 50-500ml/min, Flowmeter adaptor.