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Digital Stirring Hot Plates

  • Twin display stirring hot plate
  • Precise liquid temperatures and stirring speeds – Temperature accuracy within ±2°C and stirring speeds at ±5% of the speed setting you choose
  • Safety indicators
  • Angled front panel and large knobs

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Cat No. Model No Temp/Stir range Top plate size
6798-420D PC-420D 5-550C/60-1150 RPM 5"x7"
6798-620D PC-620D 5-550C/60-1150 RPM 10"x10"

Hot Plates

  • Single display hot plate
  • Precise liquid temperatures and stirring speeds – Temperature accuracy within ±2°C
  • Safety indicators
  • Angled front panel and large knobs

Cat No. Model No. Temp Top plate size
6798-400D PC-400D 5-550C 5"x5"
6798-600D PC-600D 5-550C 10"x10"

Dry Bath Heater

  • Microprocessor control with large digital display
  • Temperature accuracy of ±0.3ºC, and uniformity of ±0.2ºC
  • Wide temperature set range from ambient +5ºC to 150ºC
  • Stainless steel block cavity for corrosion resistant

Cat No. Description Quantity/case
6787-SB Digital Dry Bath with single block 1
6787-DB Digital Dry Bath with double block 1
480116 Single block,48×0.2ml PCR tube/6×0.2ml PCR strip 1
480119 Single block,24×1.5ml tube 1
480126 Single block,12 x 17mm tube 1

Vortex Mixer

  • Variable speed for gentle to vigorous mixing
  • Optimized counter balance for minimal vibration
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Includes cup head for all standard microtubes and centrifuge tubes

Cat. No. Description Quantity per box
6776 LSE™ Vortex Mixer with max speed 2850rpm 1

Orbital Shaker

  • Two stainless steel platform options
  • 19 mm orbit for aeration of cultures and staining gels
  • Large digital display with single-knob control
  • Digital control of shaking speed and time
  • Safe for cold room or incubator use
  • Maximum capacity: 4 x 1L, 5 X 500 ml, 9 x 250 ml, or 16 x 125 ml


Cat No. Description Quantity per case
6781-NP LSE Orbital Shaker 1

Platform Rocker

  • 5 kg load capacity
  • Non-slip rubber pads prevent sample from moving during operation
  • Double platform model for increased capacity
  • Adjustable rocking speed from 2 to 60 rpm
  • Safe to use in temperature controlled environments up to 70°C
  • 5-year warranty

Corning LSE Plaform Rocker

Cat No. Description Platform number Voltage Quantity per case
6704 LSE Platform Rocker Single Platform 230V 1
6706 LSE Platform Rocker Double Platform 230V 1

Digital Vortexer

  • Three versatile platform options (available separately)
  • Compact design with easy-access control panel
  • Non-slip rubber mat to keep containers in place
  • Safe for cold room or incubator use
  • 5-year warranty

Cat No. Descriptionz Quantity/case
6710 Corning LSE Digital Vortexer, 230V 1
48010 Platform for four microplates 1
48011 Platform with non-slip rubber mat 1
48012 Spring loaded platform for flasks, bottles, or tube racks 1