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Our full-featured sample tracking, biorepository management and freezer inventory program has the flexibility of a fully configurable LIMS while adhering to best practices and regulatory requirements.

We have three editions available to meet your needs and budget.

Base Edition

Offers the essentials for effective sample management. Base is for the site that operates as one group: needing a limited number of data fields, and accessing samples and aliquots from the same entry, search and viewing screens. Base is available for single user or client/server, Windows and Mac.

Ascent Edition

Has all the features needed for effective and fully annotated sample management. Group features provide multi-tenancy options with security. Each group can access and manage its own freezers, screens and formats. Additional features assist in workflow tasks, especially in aliquot movement, testing, and cost recovery. Ascent is available for single user or client/server, Windows and Mac.

Summit Edition

Includes patient management, with cutting-edge security features that protect sensitive patient information with an audit trail that records all PHI viewing. Group ownership of fields enhances and streamlines multi-tenant use and management. Summit is our most advanced software and ideal for enterprise applications. Summit is available for single user or client/server, Windows and Mac.


  • Tracking of sample and aliquot lineage for effective traceability of cell lines, tissues, slides, cell therapy and blood products, and more
  • Complete, configurable annotation of Patients, Samples & Aliquot records
  • Workflow management for checking out/checking in, shipping, pulling and testing of samples and aliquots
  • Cost recovery with a Billing module for both testing and repository services
  • Configurable security to prevent unauthorized access to sample data, freezers, and patient data
  • Completeness: A reliable and affordable LIMS for managing tests and results for clinical and research use
  • Simple to complex searches on any and all fields
  • Complete and secure audit trail to meet regulatory requirements
  • Powerful and flexible import features for adding and modifying data
  • Empowerment: Flexibility to add and remove fields, adjust entry and viewing screens, label formats, without the need of a programmer or custom work order
  • User definable fields that provide easy data entry while ensuring data integrity
  • Dynamic relationships and interactions between data fields: calculations, dependencies, color highlighting, and smart pick lists
  • Enterprise-wide solutions: Gives multiple groups ownership of freezers, data fields, entry and view screens, reports, and more


  • Tailor the program to match all freezer/refrigerator rack and label systems. Quickly move boxes and racks from one freezer or shelf to another
  • Use the Batch Entry option to quickly enter hundreds of samples and aliquots at one time. Build kits for managing the samples for clinical trial visits
  • Batch update sample information for fast processing and large corrections (with audit trail security and roll back option)
  • Find samples quickly using enhanced search capabilities
  • Configure and print bar code and human readable vial labels designed to withstand long-term cryogenic storage and thawing processes
  • Create reports with the flexible report writer

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Cat No. Description Qty
D10-15BN-WSA Freezerworks 2015 Base Edition 1
D10-15AN-WSA Freezerworks 2015 Ascent Edition 1
D10-FUL-3.0NW Freezerworks Unlimited Client/Server Software, 2 concurrent users (Windows) 1
D10-FUL-5.0UNW Freezerworks Unlimited Client/Server Software Upgrade, 2 concurrent users (Windows) 1
D10-FUL-5.1W Freezerworks Unlimited Standalone Software (Windows) 1