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Thermoguard develops turnkey products for fail-safe computer aided temperature and humidity monitoring, independent of human interaction and with real-time alarms. Thermoguard is used to monitor refrigeration and heating equipment in laboratories, production facilities and commercial premises in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries as well as critical rooms with IT equipment. Thermoguard is an industry standard for online temperature and humidity control via computer networks.


  • Visually and acoustically, directly on the computer
  • E-mails sent to the responsible member of staff and other employees on the spot
  • Voice reproduction of instructions telling staff what action to take
  • Via SMS using mobil phones for a 24/7 standby service
  • Connection to existing alarm systems via the “Custom Alarm Module” (CAM)
  • Using 110/230V alarming devices of your choice with an optional switch interface

Benefits of Thermoguard as compared with other measuring systems:

  • continuous monitoring with no dependency on humans
  • compliant with GMP; with sample SOPs and xQ qualifications
  • no need to change any leaking or empty batteries, unlike data loggers
  • no need for special house cabling (such as Easybus or house bus)
  • alarm is reported directly “online” and not if it’s already too late
  • alarms are reported acoustically, via e-mail or via SMS using mobil phones
  • an alarm is reported in case of an electrical or mechanical sensor failure
  • software and sensor controller are “Made in Germany”