FC-BIOS SDN BHD is a life science company based in Kuala Lumpur. Founded in the year 1989, we have placed ourselves in the forefront of the scientific community by providing solutions and growing with our customers.

Making our debut in the market by offering filtration solutions – our company has grown to service customers in diagnostics, research, industrial and applied markets with our range of laboratory equipment, consumables and reagents. Our portfolio of brands include products from Japan, France, Italy, USA and many more. Our main areas of expertise can be split into the following categories – Life Science & Cell Culture, Food Safety & Microbiology, Biobanking & Cryogenics, Cold Chain Solutions, Laboratory Plasticwares and Occupational, Safety & Environment.

With more than 30 years of experience and support from our dedicated team – FC-BIOS SDN BHD strives to provide total solutions tailored specifically for our customer in the countless markets they represent.

Some major achievement mile stones since its inception will reflect on our core strength as a major distribution company today.

In 1999, with our core expertise in microbiology we began distributing media from Himedia whose many products are cited in “Methods in Microbiology “the bible of microbiology. Along with excellent Tomy autoclaves from Japan they remain loyal partners till today.

Microbiology being our forte, that same year , the first FDA licensed manufacturer of bacterial endotoxin detection kits in the world , Associates of Cape Cod( ACC) found us to be a competent distributor till today.

The name ‘Biomic ‘is synonymous with automated antibiotic sensitivity test in clinical microbiology laboratory. Having placed the first unit in 1999, today any major hospitals and medical schools providing diagnostic microbiology services would be hard put without one.

Professor Paul Terasaki, founder of One Lambda, pioneered the field of transplant diagnostics in 1964 with the microcytotoxicity tissue typing test. Its molecular detection kits have become gold standard for both HLA antigen and antibody testing in Malaysia.

2000 saw us becoming a major distributor of plastics lab wares partnering with established names like Nalgene, Nunc, Gosselin and LP Italiana. These are the type of consumable that continue to shape the market segments that serve today.

In 2001, Neogen, a major U.S. food safety diagnostics manufacturer came on board and today food manufacturers in Malaysia deploys their rapid test kits for detecting food pathogens, toxins and allergens.

Casella, the leading British manufacturer of Health and Safety in work place for dust, gases and noise; partnership in 2002 made it possible for us to equip consultants, NIOSH, DOE and DOSH with sampling pumps and noise meters, many of which continue to be in operation.

Malaysia is home to the world’s top five latex examination glove manufacturer. In 1995 with mounting cases of latex allergy amongst healthcare workers, FDA intensified its surveillance on allergen protein levels of gloves .Capitalizing on our long relationship with Biotek, in 2003 we adapted the test protocol to micro plate format, reducing the cost of setting up a latex allergen protein test by half. It comes as no surprise then that the world’s top ten producers of examination gloves operate our system today in Malaysia and continue to produce gloves that meet FDA’s strict limits on allergens.

2004 was a year when Malaysian bio-bank’s growing clientele created a huge demand for Chart-MVE HE series cryogenic freezers .Its unmatched efficiency made it a ‘must have‘ for any bio-bank. Along with specialized storage vials, custom racks and CRF21-Part 11 compliant inventory software we became ‘one– stop center ‘for bio-banks.

2007 was remarkable and hall marked as the yr of data logger for us. With space capsule exploration technology from NASA, where space is a premium and environment harsh, DataTrace data loggers are designed to be compact and robust. No surprise then for leading food, beverage, pharma and medical device manufacturers to validate their temperature and humidity critical processes with DataTrace.

It also marks the year when we installed the first Thermoguard real time temperature monitoring system at the blood bank of a leading university hospital.

With credit card size LogTag data loggers launched on the same year as a cost effective cold chain solution, the new Cold Chain Division is born. Today we are recognized as the leading cold chain solution provider to suit different customer needs throughout Malaysia.